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Boat Cradles

Amera Trail has a history of building high quality, durable trailers and carts for uses outside the MARINE INDUSTRY

Is your boat supported properly while it is sitting on a boat lift?  Typically, a boat lift has 2 carpeted bunks that supports your hull.  Even if you have a straight bottom hull, it is not flat and undo pressure is transferring to small areas creating pressure points.  If you have a Step Hull sitting on 2 straight bunks, you could be damaging your hull due to the small number of square inches in contact with the bunks.  

An Amera Trail cradle is the answer to protect your hull while your boat is sitting on a lift.  Our cradles are a perfect fit, just like our trailers.  The aluminum cradle easily sits on the cross beams of your lift and is attached using clamps and stainless hardware.  Not only do our cradles support your boat perfectly, they look great.  Give us a call and we will build a perfect fit cradle for your boat.


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